Become an Impact Partner

Are you a Kiwi charity or social enterprise working to address social issues? Do you want to partner with a socially conscious business to make even more of an impact? Register as an ‘Impact Partner’ by filling out the form below and we might be able to help!

Benefaction is a social impact agency. We work with businesses, helping them do good for the world and do well because of it.

One way we do that is by linking values-driven businesses with charities and social enterprises from our network of Impact Partners. Our goal is to create genuine, shared-value partnerships that result in a positive social impact.

It costs nothing to become an Impact Partner. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your details with us by filling out the form below so we can add your details to our database of Impact Partners

  2. When we find a business who we think could be a suitable partner for you, we consult with you to make sure you agree.

  3. We then facilitate the creation of a partnership between you and the business so that you can work together to achieve positive social outcomes.

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