1. How do we finance ourselves?

Benefaction offers strategy, consulting and creative services to fee-paying businesses, helping them find opportunities to do good and do well. As part of this service, we seek out suitable Impact Partners on behalf of our clients (i.e. businesses).

This means that we don’t charge Impact Partners when we form partnerships between them and a business. You could think of it this way: businesses are our clients and Impact Partners are our suppliers.


2. What are we looking for when we match businesses with Impact Partners?

  • An alignment of values – this is critical for the creation of a genuine partnership.

  • Shared objectives in terms of social and/or environmental outcomes sought.

  • Win-win-win opportunities through which there is benefit to you, your partnering business and wider society.


3. Do we remain involved once we’ve matched a business and an Impact Partner?

We generally lead an introductory session and from that point on it all depends on whether there is a need for us to remain involved. Depending on the need, we offer:

  • Partnership Strategies and Impact Frameworks

  • Partnership management

  • Content creation and story-telling

  • Impact measurement


4. Why do we do what we do?

We’re a purpose-driven business aiming to create a better society for all New Zealanders by helping Kiwi businesses do good and do well.

Our belief is that when businesses can simultaneously achieve positive social and commercial outcomes, it becomes possible for them to make a sustained and meaningful impact. One of the best ways to achieve this, is through collaborations with Impact Partners.