Kiwi companies doing good and doing well

Here we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favourite Kiwi companies that are doing good and doing well because of it.

At Benefaction we’re helping businesses do just that. And as we continue to learn about social good initiatives we look to brands like these that do it best.

From barber shops to clothing companies and food producers, these companies can be found in every industry. The golden thread that ties them all together? Authenticity.

Each month we’ll bring you a feature just like this one that shouts out more great companies like these. Because no matter who you are, your purchasing power is just that… power. And we think everyone can learn a little bit from these brands and businesses that are truly doing good work.


A CHC company doing well, doing good and bringing te reo Māori to anyone and everyone who wants to learn!

Reo by Fush is an accessible, laid back way to learn the language that's so much apart of our Kiwi identity. And Reo is taking a roadie around the mainland this winter, be on the lookout for a tour stop near you. And be sure to grab some of their killer kai as well!

There are a more than a few Kiwi companies out there like FUSH who are making an intentional positive social impact with their business model. We've learned a lot from these guys and hopefully you can too!

Grab some kai and practice/learn Māori language skills in a fun and laid back way with FUSH.

Grab some kai and practice/learn Māori language skills in a fun and laid back way with FUSH.

Synlait Milk

We caught up with Hamish Reid to talk about Synlait’s focus on doing the right thing for people and planet. Milk is in someways the lifeblood of New Zealand. We all know a dairy farmer. The industry was valued at $16.6 billion NZD last year. And we’ve all heard about the dairy industry’s impact on climate and waterways. It’s a work on.

And Synlait is working on it. In a big way. Find out how Synlait is “doing milk differently for a healthier world.” -

Catch the full chat here!

Karma Cola and Best Ugly

These two Kiwi companies are doing well and doing good with cola flavored jam. You heard that right and it's damn good. Karma Cola partnered with Best Ugly to create a bagel that isn’t just doing the most for your mouth, it's doing the most for the world….

“Al Brown, chef, founder of Best Ugly Bagels (and a bunch more good eating spots) and his team have worked with our cola to create the first ever cherry cola jam cream cheese bagel. The jam, made from Karma Cola nuts from West Africa, is going into a good tasting, do gooding bagel. The ‘Karma Bagel’ raises money for cola families in Sierra Leone.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 6.07.23 PM.png

My Fathers Barber

If you know My Fathers Barbers you'll know they do A LOT of good and do well at the same time. Changing the narrative around post prison life. And also offering sharp cuts. Legends.

Check out this sweet video on how My Fathers Barber is doing the good work.

James Tapper