Bacon Brothers

A very hairy social good campaign


Bacon Brothers wanted to reinforce their brand’s core values by ‘doing their bit’ for the world. So, Benefaction partnered with them to create a Movember-themed social good campaign.

We ran a Movember month with the goal of not only raising money for the Movember Foundation, but also using the Bacon Bros brand reach amongst  young men to spread positive messages about men’s health.

The Mo-nster Burger was designed to be shared over a yarn with mates. Plus, Bacon Bros donates $5 to Movember Foundation for every Mo-nster sold! This initiative was created as part of a Social Good Campaign by Benefaction.

Our approach

Bacon Bros were keen to throw their weight behind a cause that meant something to them and their loyal customers. As a community-minded business, they were clear on the ‘why’, but hadn’t yet figured out the ‘what’ or the ‘how’. Here are the steps we took to help them achieve their goal:

  1. A whole lotta research to learn about the Bacon Bros brand and key audiences

  2. Identified the Movember Foundation as a suitable cause that fits with the Bacon Bros brand. The Foundation uses a similar brand narrative to Bacon Bros and they both have strong appeal amongst men aged 18-35.

  3. Created a strategy for a Movember month, which included a framework for the campaign, fundraising/awareness concepts and a key event schedule.

  4. Worked in partnership with Movember NZ to promote the campaign online.

  5. Project managed the campaign throughout November, delivering two fundraising events, several in-store initiatives and an awareness campaign on social media  to raise money and awareness for Movember Foundation.


The campaign was a massive success. Bacon Bros raised $5,000 for the Movember Foundation and helped to engage their followers with the Movember cause. Because the campaign was authentic and driven by a desire to do some good, the Bacon Brothers brand benefited significantly as their loyal customers spread the good word about these legendary Christchurch locals.

A massive thanks to Benefaction and Bacon Bros for arranging ‘Tache Night. Supporting Movember and having a laugh with others is key to the whole movement. The guest speakers were brave and inspiring, sharing their personal journeys through several of the key issues facing men’s health, they certainly provided food for thought. It was an exceptional evening with a great venue and tasty refreshments. Can’t wait to attend this event again next year.
— Chris Kearns, Fulton Hogan
We had a blast working with Benefaction. We wanted to use Bacon Brothers to do some good, and Benefaction made it easy for us. They came up with several initiatives for us to support Movember and managed the whole campaign on our behalf. It’s been a great investment for us because being a community-minded business is part of our brand DNA, and Benefaction’s work helped us to reinforce that.
— Troy, Owner, Bacon Brothers