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Leading the conversation on social the pub

Shouts to Stuff for this quick writeup on our last Pubcast. Once a month Smash Palace hosts us for a podcast style chat about local/global issues. Everyone is welcome and we've already had two great meet ups where we learned about public green space plans in CHC, Emperor penguins and climate change. Next up we've got Pubcast #3: Sam Stubbs on investing KiwiSaver capital in NZ and of course Smash on beer and snacks. Come join!

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Consumers = expert bullsh** detectors

Consumers are expert bullshit detectors and now, more than ever, they are seeking out brands that authentically make the world a better place. ‘Checking the box’ through ad-hoc donations at Christmas or the odd fundraising bake sale simply won’t get your brand across the line anymore in a world where consumers are demanding that businesses make a positive contribution to society, as well as profit. So how exactly can you do this with your business?

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